About Us

Sky Crown Enterprises Co., LTD was established and registered in Hong Kong in 1991. Business consists of selling authorized materials for major brands, international trade of plastic raw materials, as well as our own Nyloy branded compounding materials. Sky Crown is an affiliated company of Nytex Composites.

We are the authorized distributors for various engineering plastic companies such as, ASCEND(Vydyne®), LG CHEM and FERRO. We also have business relationships with many other majors and brokers in the field of PA6, PA66, PA-FR, PA+GF-FR, PC, PC-FR, PC/ABS and PP alloy.

Business locations : Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

thermal conductive plastic

Plastic Heat Sink

Led Heat Sink

Heat Sink

high temperature materials

high temperature plastic

high performance materials

high performance polymers

high temperature nylon

high heat resistance

high temperature

high rigidity9.high flow

low moisture absorption

low water absorption

low warpage

halogen-free flame retardant

non-halogen flame retardant

high modulus


Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable Plastics


Green Plastics



nylon 66

nylon 6





pa6 pa66

pa66 30 gf

pa66 30