Thermal Conductive Polymer

Nytex thermal conductive polymer offers electric insulating thermal conductive properties with UL-RTI certification. This material performs high productivity, easily processed, flame retardant and outstanding thermal conducting characteristics. It could be applied in various industries such as LED indoor and outdoor lighting、heat sink of surveillance camera、IT products、battery holder、automobile work light and IC heat dissipation solution. We also provide engineering support to work with our partners for better material recommendation.

Advantages of Thermal Conductive Polymer

Energy Saving

  • Replace aluminum die cast and extrusion
  • Reduction of process waste
  • Reduction of energy consumption


  • Reclaim rate of up to 30%


  • UL94-V0
  • UL94-V2

Environmental Friendly

  • Compliance with REACH
  • Compliance with RoHS


  • 40% less weight than metal
  • More flexible in design
  • Better surface texture
  • Rapid production cycle
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Why select NYLOY®

RTI Certification

Electric Insulating Polymer k=1.3W/m-k

Thermal Cycling Test

Better Light Shading

Laser Marking,

Product Development Capability

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Product Tree

    KF Series

  • Electrically Insulative
  • k = 0.9~1.3 W/m-K (through plane)
  • UL-94 V0, RTI 140℃
  • Surface Resistivity > 10^12 ohm

    CM Series

  • k = 3.0~9.0 W/m-K (through plane)
  • UL-94 V0
  • Surface Resistivity > 10^5~10^6 ohm
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Material Comparative Test

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IEC Certification

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Product Catalog

Product Images Categories / Name Categories / Name
LED Lighting ApplicationsGeneral Lighting Thermal Couductive Polymer KF、CM Series
LED Lighting ApplicationsAutomobile Lighting Thermal Couductive Polyme C Series
Electronic Product ApplicationsHeat Sink Thermal Couductive Polyme I Series
Electronic Product ApplicationsBattery Module Thermal Couductive Polyme B Series
Electronic Product ApplicationsHousing Thermal Couductive Polyme R Series
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