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Flame-retardant Material

Under the trend of sustainable green energy and net zero carbon emission, renewable energy has become the development goal of countries all over the world in the next 50 years. In response to the needs of industrial development, energy storage systems and electrical vehicles need to be equipped with a large number of lithium batteries. Although it improves environmental protection and makes life more convenient, the frequent occurrence of thermal runaway of lithium batteries also brings hidden worries.

The energy storage system is composed of multiple lithium battery modules connected in series and parallel according to the capacity and charging and discharging requirements, this makes the energy storage system highly safe and can be matched with various power sources, and connected to the grid. The battery modules can be charged and stored, it can be used as the power supply of the energy storage system, and works with solar energy, wind power, etc. as the charging source. During day times, the energy storage system can store power such as renewable energy; at nights the energy storage system provides power to the grid and large power consumption consumers. At present, in the application of energy storage systems, lithium batteries are the most widely used electrochemical energy storage. Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density and small volume ratio, but has potential safety problems such as explosion and combustion.

Electric Vehicles are inevitably the trend of future transportation, in which the busbar integrates functions such as signal transmission and power transmission, and integrates the electronic control system into one. The electronic control system is one of the key issue for vehicle safety. Therefore, the materials used need to provide safer and more insulating specialty materials. Nytex has developed a special plastic with the highest fire protection standard of UL, which can effectively isolate and form a protective layer in the fire to avoid heat spread and reduce damage to life and property.

New Electric Vehicles (Impact Modified )