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Eco-Friendly Material

As the application of plastic products becomes more diversified, the generation rate of plastic waste also increases; it is estimated that at least 12 million tons of plastic waste enter into the ocean every year, and the pollution of the environment is becoming more and more serious. Nytex has started to look for its alternatives for the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels, and putting a lot of resources and energy into development. For global environmental protection issues, Nytex provides three solutions:

  1. Source of raw materials-Partial or full replacement of petroleum fuels with bio-sourced is the so-called bio-based composite material.

  2. Self-degradable materials-Composite processing with self-degradable materials is the so-called biodegradable composite materials.

  3. Recycling and reuse of plastic waste-the use of waste plastics recycled by third-party manufacturers, processing and re-manufacturing, is the so-called recycled materials.

Bio-based Materials (Impact Modified )

.NG-1030N 610N Property DataISO


  • Nylon 610
  • Impact Modified
  • Nature


  • Low Water
  • High Stiffness
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Low Temperature Impact Resistance


  • Fuel System Parts (Inquire with the business department)