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High-Temperature Material

In modern industrial applications, the demand for materials that can withstand high-temperature environments is steadily increasing. High-temperature materials, with their exceptional heat resistance, low moisture absorption, high rigidity, low warpage, dimensional stability, chemical stability, and mechanical performance, could be found in various fields. They drive continuous technological innovation and development, playing a crucial role in numerous industries. Nytex offers several high-temperature materials:

These high-temperature materials are ideal for applications in areas such as FPC connectors, high-temperature structural components, medical devices, lens modules, EV connectors, fuel conduits, battery modules, and battery O-rings and many others. They perform in high-temperature and extreme environmental conditions, making them the materials of choice.

High-Temperature Nylon (PA10T、PA6T) (Mineral Fiber Reinforced )

UF-4010N B1Property DataMetricProcessing Guide


  • Nylon 10T/X
  • Mineral Fiber Reinforced
  • Black


  • Wear Resistance
  • HDT = 250℃
  • Dimensional Stability
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Low Water Absorption


  • Lens Module